Platform Technology

Platform Technology

Innovative “Micro Needle Array “Technology enabled 3D Tissue Fabrication with Cell only.
Our Micro Needle Array technology was developed by focusing on cell’s nature to form aggregate. Conventional bioprinting must use scaffold such as Gel. On the other hand, our process enable tissue fabrication without gel, 100% cell only.
Each Needle is only 170um diameter and made with stainless steel. Regenova, Bioprinter, will fabricate 3D Tissue on Micro Needle Array. This process already successfully fabricated blood vessel, Beating Heart Tissue, implantable graft. This technology is also capable of making small tissue piece for in Vitro research which mimic in Vivo.

Sphere-like cell aggregates are secured in place by skewers.

The aggregates are allowed to fuse on the skewers for a few days.

The skewers are removed and the tissue is allowed to further mature.

3D Bioprinting process


Spheroid (Cell Aggregate) Preparation

Culture enough cells and form Spheroids by aggregating tens of thousands of cells.



Layer spheroids onto needle as programmed 3D Data.



Spheroids shall fuse together and become one structure in a few days



Remove Needle Array, and conduct further maturation for cells self-organization and relocation.


3D Tissue Structure

3D tissue structure manufactured with Cell only shows long-term safety and efficiency.