4 Liver Structure

Drug discovery by pharmaceutical companies use the primary culture of human hepatocytes in preclinical toxicology studies of candidate compounds and evaluations of metabolites. However, as the drug metabolizing function of the culture steeply decreases in a couple of days, development of a liver structure with a longer lasting function is awaited in the development fields.
Cyfuse has successfully developed a liver structure exerting high liver functions lasting a long time from several types of cells constituting the liver with its unique three-dimensional cell layering technology without using a scaffold.
This study result was highly appreciated by academic societies, in such as, the Japanese Society of Toxicology and the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.
If a liver structure with such functions is used in fields of preclinical metabolism and safety studies of candidate drugs, risks in development will be reduced after the beginning of the clinical phase, by early detection of human-specific toxicity previously undetectable by animal studies, and advance prediction of possible adverse events in human livers before clinical studies.
As described above, Cyfuse's platform technology is expected not only to be put into practical use in the field of regenerative medicine but also to contribute multilaterally to drug evaluations of new drug developments, elucidation of disease mechanisms and improvements in research efficiency in the field of drug discovery support.