Cyfuse's Platform Technology and Pipelines

Cyfuse aims to use its unique platform technology of three-dimensionally layered cells (Spheroid) to regenerate tissues and organs that malfunction because of disease or injury, meet the unmet medical needs that were not satisfied by existing surgery or treatments, and save a number of patients.
Transplantation of a cellular structure created from cells only into humans is a new treatment option as a breakthrough approach expected to be safe with high therapeutic effects.
Cyfuse is advancing pipeline development for the regeneration of various tissues and organs, such as bone and cartilage, blood vessels, and nerves, by using its unique platform technology, and at the same time, putting the technology into practical use as pathology models to clarify disease mechanisms, and as a drag screening tool to evaluate the efficacy, toxicity, and metabolism of new drugs.
The pipelines in which Cyfuse actively develops, are based on unmet needs in medical settings and the cell products created by unique platform technology of Cyfuse is expected to be used in actual medical settings in the future.

3D tissue structure manufactured with Cell only by innovative technology

1. Bone and cartilage regeneration 2. Vascular regeneration 3. Neural regeneration 4. Liver structure