Original 3D Software will create 3D data where spheroids shall be mounted. Needle array are used to hold spheroid in place.


Product category

Cell mounter


Weight: Total 450kg (Main body unit 430kg)
Components: Main body unit (W1340×D825×H1740mm)
Controller (W236×D272×H121mm)
Compressor (W300×D382×H334mm)
3D design software
Power: 1.5kw (Main body unit 1.1kw)
Operating Voltage: AC 100V

Spheroid specification

Size: diameter 400-600μm

Needle Array

9×9 Needle Array

9×9 Tubular Construct

26×26 Needle Array

Parts# NA1001 NA1002 NA1003
Dimension W10×D20×H18mm W20×D30×H18mm
Diameter 170μm
Pitch 400μm
Quantity 81needles 60needles 676needles
Material Stainless Steel / Heat resistant resin

Downloads and Publications

Regenova Brochure (English)

Accessory Brochures

Proprietary Technology

The Kenzan method was invented by prof. Koichi Nakayama (Saga University)and is globally patented intellectual property. Cyfuse Biomedical K.K. is granted exclusive rights of use.

Manufacturing and distribution

Distributor: Cyfuse Biomedical K.K., Tokyo, Japan
Manufacturer: Shibuya Kogyo Co., Ltd., Ishikawa, Japan

Consumables and peripheral equipment

| Needle array |
Customers can select the proper shape and size of needle arrays depending on the tissue to be manufactured.

| Bioreactor |
A bioreactor is needed for efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the solid tissue during the maturation step. Our scientists can consult regarding which system is suitable for the tissue of interest.