Cyfuse Policy

1. Medical Ethics

We value human life above all and strive towards its improvement by respecting medical ethics first and foremost.

2. Open Innovation

We do our utmost in developing and making practical use of innovative medical technologies through collaborating extensively with researchers and clinicians within and outside of the company, in order to respond to unmet medical needs. Our motivation is to provide value to patients and the medical environment/industry, without ever being satisfied with the status quo.

3. Collaboration

With our different cultures and ways of thinking, we enrich each other and form one single exceptional team working on the principle of sharing and not withholding. We never judge any individual based on nationality, belief, religion, sex, age, interest, educational background nor social status.

4. Entrepreneurship

Our success relies on our initiative and our ability of working autonomously while leveraging on the collective strength of the team. We learn from our mistakes and reward appropriate risk-taking.

5. Compliance

We act with integrity according to the highest ethical standards. We work with knowledge, understanding of and in compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and company regulations. We must be aware that we represent the company in our everyday lives.

6. Globalization

We develop technologies, products, and services that are useful to the world from a global viewpoint and continue to develop a business that goes beyond borders.

7. Sustainability

We define as our success, the development of a sustainable company; recognized for the high quality of its collaborators, its work, products and services. For the benefits of patients we strive at keeping costs low.