Management Team

Board Director CEO(Chief Executive Officer)Shizuka Akieda

Graduated Meiji University (School of Agriculture). She served as researcher in genomics and regenerative medicine field at Kyushu University Faculty of medical Sciences, then joined JST Project (regenerative medicine of Cartilage) at Kyushu University Hospital. At 2010, she joined Cyfuse as a startup member, involved in NEDO projects and others as principal researchers. She is involved in biomedical venture business as Head of R&D Division leading number of projects internally and collaboratively,and she was assigned to be a member of Board of Directors at 2016.

Board Director CFO(Chief Financial Officer)
Head of Corporate Planning and Business Administration
Masahiro Sanjo

I will link the wishes of all Cyfuse supporters to assurance and innovation.
Graduated from Keio University (Faculty of Law, Department of Law). After working at the education business and legal professional corporation etc., he is widely engaged in all aspects of business management practices at Symbio Pharmaceutical Co., the listed bio venture. After joining Cyfuse, he is involved in the overall management of the business, and committed in enhancement of the management base.

Board Director(Outside)Yasuhiro Yoshioka

I will make an effort to realize the treatment that will delight patients by delivering the unique technologies of Cyfuse. I will do our best to make it realize as early as possible.
Graduated from school of science The University of Tokyo.
He developed his career as Head of Life Science Research center, Fellow R&D Headquarters, Corporate Officer and Head of Regenerative Medicine Research Institute in FUJIFILM Corporation.
He is a leading parson in research and development of regenerative medicine and cellular medicine, then since 2014, he took the role as chairman of the Stem Cell Evaluation Technology Research Association.

Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Fulltime/Outside)Yoichi Oda

I would like to contribute to company development and the realization of governance through timely audits with respect to the medical field.
Graduated from the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University. Certified Public Accountant/Tax Accountant
He joined the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. In 2006, he began work for Ernst and Young ShinNihon LLC and was engaged in a range of operations involving accounting audits, internal control, and support for listing of listed and non-listed companies. In 2017, he established the Oda Certified Public Accountant Firm with abundant experience in the support of financial control and internal control from small companies to large companies.

Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)Toshiharu Ko

I will make every effort to respond to the expectations of Cyfuse and contribute to future medicine.
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Keio University. Certified Public Accountant/Tax Accountant
He was engaged in corporate business and financial product development at the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (currently Shinsei Bank). In 1999, he joined Limited Liability Audit Corporation Tohmatsu and was engaged in a range of operations from audits of local listed companies and support for listing to audits of listed companies. In 2014, he established the Ko Toshiharu Accounting Firm (currently president) in order to contribute to the growth of midsize and small companies and seeks to support the establishment and IPOs of venture companies.

Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)Takuo Hirose

I would like to support the achievement of Cyfuse’s mission from an outsider’s view as much as possible.
Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo. Partner Lawyer of Anderson, Mori & Tomotsune
Since he joined Tomotsune, Kimura, and Mitomi Law Firm (currently Anderson, Mori, and Tomotsune) in 1997, he has successfully been working in a range of operations as an international lawyer from external matters involving global financial transactions and corporate acquisitions to financing and public stock offerings. He was awarded the Leading Individual in Capital Markets Area along with his affiliate firm in Chambers Global “Best Lawyers and Law Firms (2012– 2018 fiscal years).