CEO Message

Our corporate name Cyfuse is coined from the combination of "Cyto-", which means cells, and "fusion." The name symbolizes biological tissue regeneration from cells and our creative base technology constructed from the fusion of two different fields—biology and engineering. We place our hopes and dreams into this corporate name,”Cyfuse”: our base technology will create new value helpful to the human society.

Although new drugs with breakthrough mechanisms of action and new treatment methods have emerged one after another in recent years, some diseases with no treatment other than tissue transplantation, as well as some existing treatments, significantly reduce the QOL(Quality of Life) for patients. On the other hand, in Japan, regenerative medicine research of iPS cells is in a well-endowed environment that is considered globally advanced.Consequently, regenerative medicine could be a beacon of hope.

We are working to publicize our base technology for three-dimensional tissue regeneration and put individual cellar tissues into practical use to provide patients and society with our achievements and realize our dream.

"Create New Hope from Cells"
Thank for your continued support.

Shizuka Akieda