CEO Message

Generating steric tissues and organs with cells contributing to global medicine Since its establishment in 2010, Cyfuse has been conducting its businesses with the mission of contributing to the medical fields of regenerative medicine and drug discovery by generating steric tissues and organs from cells only.

The Cyfuse name comes from the term “fusing cells (cyto-).” The company has been generating tissues and organs by fusing cells through fusion activities with our stakeholders in a variety of different aspects. The objective of Cyfuse is the practical use by patients of steric tissues and organs generated using spheroids formed by cell aggregation and the Bio 3-D Printer (a cell-version 3-D printer). We seek to develop this technology, which originated from Japan, on a global scale and become a leader in the field of regenerative medicine in the near future.

"Create hope from cells!"

All personnel within the company embody the unchanged will of the company from its beginning and make every effort toward the new stage day by day with the help of stakeholders that have supported us since the establishment in order to provide new medicine and new treatment options for society as soon as possible. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Shizuka Akieda