We contribute to significant advances in medical treatments through our revolutionary 3D tissue-engineering technology.


May, 20, 2016 | A Cyfuse scientist will have a poster presentation at ISSCR 2016 Annual Meeting

Apr, 28, 2016 | The top national medical school in the US*, Johns Hopkins University, now has the Regenova

Mar, 11, 2016 | Indiana University researchers pioneer use of Regenova



Jun, 22, 2016 | The ISSCR Annual Meeting 2016 (International Society for Stem Cell Research)


Bio 3D Printer Regenova

We provide the leading edge platform of three-dimensional organ regeneration using our revolutionary bio 3D printer, Regenova. Regenova is a novel robotic system that facilitates the fabrication of three- dimensional cellular structures by placing cellular spheroids in fine needle arrays, “Kenzan method”, according to pre-designed 3D data.

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